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The Death Cleaner -  Short documentary -  New York Times - Op-Docs - 9' -
A portrait of a crime scene cleaner in Mexico City. 
Emmy Awards Nominee - Afi Fest

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Rocio and me - Short documentary -  The New Yorker


A Mother and Daughter Bound by Disability

In “Rocío and Me,” the filmmaker Louise Monlaü spotlights how having a child with Down syndrome can create a cycle of parenthood that never ends.

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The Change makers - Short documentary -  Aljazeera - Close up


“We started dancing in the street so people wouldn’t be afraid any more … we started to bring life again,” says ​​Sunday Obiajulu Ozegbe, also known as Valu, recounting the plight of his community for years.


The district of Oworonshoki, where the dancer lives, is one of the most dangerous areas of Lagos, Nigeria. But Valu is trying to change that.

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